# Term1_1
Responding to ‘A Fish can’t Judge the Water’ by Femke Snelting
# Term2_3
Project Proposal
# Term2_1
Socio Technical Map - Tinder Location Function
# Term2_2
Different preference of emoji selection in different cultures
Academic Writings
# Term1_3
JAR vs. Leonardo
# Term1_2
Responding to Algorithm [draft] [#digitalkeywords]
by Tarleton Gillespie
Research project_early reasearches
# Term1_5
Your new family member (part 1)
# Term1_6
Your new family member (part 2)
# Term1_4
Discussion of Research Interests for the Group Research Project
# Term1_9
Responding to Computational Art and Digital Witnessing
# Term2_8
Reflective Thoughts to 'Give Me a Second' - an Experiments of Combining Film and Live Performance
# Term1_7
Group reacher project proposal
# Term1_8
Smell - Group Research Project WIP Discussion Documentation
# Term1_10
# Term2_4
Responding to the lecture ‘Leaking box scenario,
Curating the computational’ by Rachel Falconer
# Term2_6
Research project_1
# Term2_7
Research project_2
# Term2_5
Touching - Reflecting on Touching Visions by Maria Puig de La Bellacasa and artworks by Sondra Perry
bingComputing @ 2019
> Interactive Installations and Performance
We do not See Until We See
Give Me a Sec
In Light
Safety Warning
> Motion Graphics
Safety Warning
Lost in South
Body Drawing
Crisis X MAH X GMD
> Generative Design
The Journeys Through Space and Time
> Filmmaking and Digital Art Direction
Safety Warning
I Smell the Smell of Your Body
London Family Portrait
Sex Food Kingdom

> Photography and Editorial Design
NayWare Magazine
NayWare Photography